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June is here. Warming up. Newsletter for the Month

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Here in Scituate, Massachusetts, the sun is bringing us longer, warmer Spring days, and it's a perfect reminder that just as seasons transition, so does the financial landscape. Having weathered yet another crisis this year with the "debt ceiling" behind us, the market seems to be holding onto its gains from the first quarter. Investors are regaining ground, recovering some of the losses from 2022. With the combination of diminishing financial crises, easing inflation, and a market bounce thus far this year, the narrative appears to be improving. However, challenges persist through the summer that may lead to volatility before we can settle into a sustained recovery.

For instance, certain areas of inflation remain high. Food costs are still up 7.7% from last year to April 2023, and wage growth is slowing. The Federal Reserve may implement stringent measures to bring these numbers in line, which may cause further market instability in the short term. Amid higher inflation and challenging economic conditions, one of the best ways to navigate this environment is to utilize a traditional budget to balance saving and spending. Please reach out to us if you want to use the Private Client Planning Tool to automatically track and categorize your expenses digitally, making budgeting a simpler task. I am available to schedule a review of your current cash flows and assist with this new technology through my interactive calendar.

The key is to remain disciplined with a plan and a portfolio specifically designed to meet your short and long-term spending targets. A well-crafted plan, tailored to your goals, is the best path forward to a brighter future. The following excerpt shows how far things have come over in the last decade plus, and I believe, heralds the possibility of a much brighter future ahead, even as we confront different challenges.

A few quotes from the thoughtful piece from the Economist April 13th issue on "The lessons from America’s astonishing economic record" which address the myth that America is in decline. ( The lessons from America’s astonishing economic record ) :

"On a whole range of measures, American dominance remains striking. And relative to its rich-world peers, its lead is increasing…"

"America’s outperformance has translated into wealth for its people. Income per person in America was 24% higher than in Western Europe in 1990 in PPP terms; today it is about 30% higher... A trucker in Oklahoma can earn more than a doctor in Portugal."

"America also has by far the world’s deepest and most liquid financial markets, providing efficient, if occasionally unstable, channels for financing businesses and sorting the winners from the losers. Stock market capitalization runs to about 170% of GDP; in most countries, it comes in below 100%. Funding for potentially high-growth startups is particularly bountiful: about half the world’s venture capital goes to firms in America."

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